5 Facts to Remember About the TOEIC

5 Facts to Remember About the TOEIC

  1. The exam scores are for employers. The TOEIC shows employers how well you understand work-related English — spoken and written — expressed in various accents (British, American, Australian, Canadian).

  2. Use context clues. The TOEIC will always give you context, clues and hints that support the best answer. You’ll just need to find them.

  3. Prepare for various test conditions. The TOEIC test conditions, such as timing, temperature and poor sound quality matter a lot. It’s best to be prepared for anything.

  4. Hold onto your score report. Official exam centers don’t have to keep your test results for more than two years, nor can they give you another copy of your results at the end of that time period. This is meant to encourage regular evaluation of your English level, but not all employers require such frequent testing. So, make sure you keep your score report, because it’s much better than not having one at all.

  5. You get better every time you practice. TOEIC is used by some companies as a learning tool, meaning companies know that just taking the test makes their employees improve their English. You should use that fact to your advantage and know that each practice session you take is an improvement in itself.

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